Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Lately I have had these crazy thoughts of cutting my hair... but I never know what to do?!@# Bangs or no bangs, short or medium, blunt cut or razor, a cut or color? Just clueless, I just know I want something different. Now I'm thinking that maybe until I know for sure what I want I'll just use some products I've never tried to improve the condition it's in. I'm 
the queen of dye jobs (well I used to be) and would stroll down the CVS  hair color aisle playing inny minny miny mo... not the best way to select but that was me. I've had it black, blue black, red, blonde highlighted, honey, all kinds of craziness. So anyway I received an email from Aveda and here is the line I'm gonna try after all the damaged I've done, although I can say that after the last major cut I had which was last Feb or March 08, I've only dyed it 3 times which is great for me!!! But if I change my mind and get a cut I'll post it. Here is a pic of a haircut that I think will look good on me. My hair isn't this long (just passed my shoulders) but I like the sides and long bangs and my hair is dark brown.

Ok on to the Aveda products:

Restructuring Shampoo:
8.5 fl oz/250 ml $24 
33.8 fl oz/1 litre $67
Restructuring Conditioner:
6.7 fl oz/200 ml $24
33.8 fl oz/1 litre $84
Intensive Restructuring Treatment:
4.2 fl oz/125 ml $26
16 fl oz/473 ml $68
These are some of the beneficial ingredients throught the system:
Babassu- a palm located in Brazil that grows nuts that yield oil
Quinoa- a grain very rich in protein
Phellodendron- an aromatic tree whose bark blended with sandalwood and barley help smooth the hair cuticle
Jojoba, Castor and Meadowfoam seed oil also contribute

I normally use cheaper drugstore brand and not that it's bad...I go between Pantene and Infusim, but I know that my hair is needing some great treatment because I don't get regular haircuts or trims and overall it just needs some tlc. I'll let you know what I think once I purchase and use.
Til next time
Be good! 

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