Thursday, March 5, 2009


I remember I used to use such harsh, drying, products for my skin because I didn't know better. If I had acne it meant I had to scrub harder, use a harsh exfoliant everyday and use a ton of astringent with 2% salicylic acid. WRONG!!!! I have oily skin and there are so many false beliefs about how to care for this type of skin. Other than the role genetics play, great skin is achieved with a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, proper sleep, vitamin intake and a daily skin care regimen. It's also very important to remove makeup every night consistently and allow skin to repair and rejuvenate with the necessary serums and creams/lotions available. I currently use Dermalogica products and start with their precleanse
( These are professional sizes purchased at The Dermal Institute; Retail available also. Prices vary... But precleanse retail size is $33 and daily microfoliant about $49)

which is a lightweight cleansing oil that has an olive and apricot-kernel base. This cleanser is part of Dermalogica's double cleanse process to ensure deep pore cleansing which is essential for healthy skin. It also doubles as an eye makeup remover for stubborn waterproof liners and mascaras. I can't say enough about this product! After second cleanse use a toner with a cotton ball and see how clean your skin is with no dirt or residue. Another great product from this line is daily microfoliant. This is a rice-based enzyme powder that is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. You can use this everyday and it helps to smooth and brighten the skin. Use by dispensing 1/2 teaspoon into wet hands to activate and make a creamy paste, spread onto face with circular motions avoiding eyes, it will foam slightly and add more water NOT product to help facilitate slip while massaging. This product contains:

Ingredients for Exfoliation;
Salicylic Acid
Rice enzymes
Skin Brightening For Pigmentation and Uneven Tone;
Calming The Skin;
Green Tea
Colloidal Oatmeal

These are 2 products that are great for every skin type, but specifically will not dry out oily skin or be abrasive to sensitive skin. Remember when rinsing any product from skin, it's best to use tepid water as hot water will strip skin of natural oils needed to combat early signs of aging and discourage fine lines and wrinkles.

(Fan Brush ($5) for apply masques & sponges ($ 2.50) for dampening and removing masques and cleansers.)

You can find these products at their website where they have extensive information on ingredients, usage, and contraindications for specific skin conditions. Various beauty sites, and stores retailing advanced skin care also carry this line!

Good Luck in all your skin endeavors!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

***hot Foot***

Now is a heck of a time to think about sandals when there's like a 6-10 inch snow watch on the way ( in Jersey) but has some hot sandals that I just had to show you. Im 5'2" tall and love being on the shorter side so I can wear sky high heels and still look petite. In other words you'll never find me in flats (sorry my flat sandal/shoe wearin readers). Here are my 4 faves:

Designer: Paco Gil /Price:$260

Designer: Report Signature / Price:$180

Designer: Colin Stuart / Price:$95

Designer: Frye / Price: $198

Happy high steppin!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

***hAuL*** (numero dos)

Sooo...picked up a few thangs before I left the job and am quite pleased with myself! I managed to snag a few BOGO which is always worth it.  We carry NYX which I could never find and soo I had to get a few items and am thrilled with the quality.

NYX Trio (06): $7.99
1.Purple 2. Deep Purple 3. Prune

RIMMEL Stir It Up (400): $6.99
4. Out Of The Blue (sparkly iridescent teal)

L'OREAL HIP Metallic Duo (206): $7.99
5/6. Magnetic

L'OREAL HIP Concentrated Duo (908): $7.99
7/8. Mischief

9. Ardell Lashes (102): $3.79

10. Ardell Lashes (108): $3.79

RIMMEL Three-Sum (100): $6.99
11/12/13.  Naughty (pink/deep plum/lime green)

NYX  Trio (12): $7.99
14. Golden 15. Rust 16. Walnut Bronze

NYX LipGloss (122): $4.99
17. Natural

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil (710): $3.99
18. Cocoa

Hope you enjoyed my DS haul...I'm telling you that the vibrancy of these shades will amaze you, especially for the cost. bE goOd!!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sooo happy that my package arrived for the Essie Spring Collection polishes them earlier today. Again a thank you goes to Karen of !  Here are some of the pix I took tonight. I will nail swatch when I get a chance.

The Collection: 6 wonderful colors! Check out the cute lil box... And the sweet note with the cool stationary that was sent along with the gift!

L-R Colors:
676- Eternal Optimist
677- Flawless
681- Status Symbol

L-R Colors:
680- One Of A Kind
678- Lacquered Up
679- Mesmerize

Yay, even though I am tryin to learn to live in the moment, I can't but help to wish it were Spring already!!! Well at least I'll be ready!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hola everyone... just wanted to thank Karen of makeupandbeautyblog! She has a phenomenal blog site that is fun, informative, and interactive with contests, FOTD's, product reviews and everything between. I have been reading her blog religiously for about 6 months (maybe more) and she inspired me to create my very own. Even though at this point I have no subscribers it feels good to have a creative outlet to express myself and hopeful help, inform, or entertain readers along the way. 
So after all that rambling I was informed by email that I won the Essie spring 2009 collection giveaway that she had! I am so in love with "flawless", which is a color from the sweet collection and it reminds me of bubblegum. I am sooo excited and can't wait to try! Thank you again Karen!
Check out her blog you'll love it!

Til next time
Be good!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Lately I have had these crazy thoughts of cutting my hair... but I never know what to do?!@# Bangs or no bangs, short or medium, blunt cut or razor, a cut or color? Just clueless, I just know I want something different. Now I'm thinking that maybe until I know for sure what I want I'll just use some products I've never tried to improve the condition it's in. I'm 
the queen of dye jobs (well I used to be) and would stroll down the CVS  hair color aisle playing inny minny miny mo... not the best way to select but that was me. I've had it black, blue black, red, blonde highlighted, honey, all kinds of craziness. So anyway I received an email from Aveda and here is the line I'm gonna try after all the damaged I've done, although I can say that after the last major cut I had which was last Feb or March 08, I've only dyed it 3 times which is great for me!!! But if I change my mind and get a cut I'll post it. Here is a pic of a haircut that I think will look good on me. My hair isn't this long (just passed my shoulders) but I like the sides and long bangs and my hair is dark brown.

Ok on to the Aveda products:

Restructuring Shampoo:
8.5 fl oz/250 ml $24 
33.8 fl oz/1 litre $67
Restructuring Conditioner:
6.7 fl oz/200 ml $24
33.8 fl oz/1 litre $84
Intensive Restructuring Treatment:
4.2 fl oz/125 ml $26
16 fl oz/473 ml $68
These are some of the beneficial ingredients throught the system:
Babassu- a palm located in Brazil that grows nuts that yield oil
Quinoa- a grain very rich in protein
Phellodendron- an aromatic tree whose bark blended with sandalwood and barley help smooth the hair cuticle
Jojoba, Castor and Meadowfoam seed oil also contribute

I normally use cheaper drugstore brand and not that it's bad...I go between Pantene and Infusim, but I know that my hair is needing some great treatment because I don't get regular haircuts or trims and overall it just needs some tlc. I'll let you know what I think once I purchase and use.
Til next time
Be good! 

Monday, January 5, 2009

***hAuL*** (numero uno)

OK!!!! So I'm excited to do this haul. I was waiting on my Too Faced and Sephora items to come via ups but I guess it's being sent (literally) pony express with as long as it's taking. (so impatient I know)...Anywho here are the things I picked up when I was out the other day with my bff. I didn't get a chance to actually take pix with her but here are my goodies!...

*M.A.C Studio Fix/NC45
*M.A.C Eye Shadow/club
*M.A.C Penultimate/Rapidblack
*N.Y.C. Eye Liner Pencil/926
*Loreal Voluminous/Blackest Black
*Loreal colour juice/850 butterscotch drop
*Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment/Lavender Marquis
*Rimmel London Quad Eye Shadow/001 Smokey Noir
M.A.C Studio Fix/ NC45 $26

This stuff really keeps shine at bay and I needs that! I'm as oily as they come...
M.A.C Eye Shadow/ Club $14.50

M.A.C says: muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent green shimmer (satin)
This is such a pretty color!!! Love it!
M.A.C Penultimate/ Rapidblack $16.50

Definitely worth the hype. I love this liner. Very rich color and foolproof to use...honestly. As long as they have it I see it being one of my eye staples!
Rimmel London Eye Shadow Quad/Smokey Noir $6.29

I love these colors, and they seem to stay on good...just don't forget your primer!
Swatches (Hope you can see them!)

(p.s...the white liner was only $1)
Loreal colour juice/botterscotch drop; Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment/Lavendar Marquis

Both of these colors were on sale at Walgreens for $2.50
Usually when i find these kinda sales their not advertised so your best bet is to make a random stop and stock up!
I do like the Sally Hansen for layering and it adds a beautiful sheen. I was a little disappointed however with the Loreal colour juice, it seemed to be rather sticky and I can't stand a gloss like that. I'm willing to give it another try because I like the color, but when i tried it my lips felt overly coated and it was thick. Idk but at least I didn't break the bank on it!
Loreal Voluminous mascara/ Blackest Black $7.55

I'm telling you I use nothing else and have been using doing so for years. It doesn't clump. And the bristles get so coated and add such body to lackluster lashes!

Well I'm happy with the goodies I purchased...and hope you are to. try em, hate em, love em!
Until next time.
Be good!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 make it shine!

Happy New Year Everyone...Hope you had a joyous and safe holiday. I had a wonderful time with my friends and family. I was excited to receive my favorite thing, GIFTCARDS!!! I got one from Sephora and 2 for M.A.C. I just purchased some new products from Sephora and am impatiently waiting for them!!! I pray I'm home when they come!!! I got the Too Faced World Domination Tour All Access Backstage Beauty Collection ( I saw it in Latina Magazine December 08/January 09 issue), a blue Sephora brand mascara and Hair Milk from Carol's Daughter. I haven't blogged for like a month and was so disappointed but hey that was 2008, it's 2009 and a new start!!! So my bff and I are goin to M.A.C tomorrow and I'm excited to get some new stuff. I'm seeking out the Penultimate Eye Liner featured in the Chill Collection, maybe a few shadows and/ or pigments, and definitely some Lip Glass. I will hopefully have time to do a haul on these and maybe have some pis of her and I shoppin til we drop!
Til next time
bE gOoD!