Friday, February 27, 2009

***hAuL*** (numero dos)

Sooo...picked up a few thangs before I left the job and am quite pleased with myself! I managed to snag a few BOGO which is always worth it.  We carry NYX which I could never find and soo I had to get a few items and am thrilled with the quality.

NYX Trio (06): $7.99
1.Purple 2. Deep Purple 3. Prune

RIMMEL Stir It Up (400): $6.99
4. Out Of The Blue (sparkly iridescent teal)

L'OREAL HIP Metallic Duo (206): $7.99
5/6. Magnetic

L'OREAL HIP Concentrated Duo (908): $7.99
7/8. Mischief

9. Ardell Lashes (102): $3.79

10. Ardell Lashes (108): $3.79

RIMMEL Three-Sum (100): $6.99
11/12/13.  Naughty (pink/deep plum/lime green)

NYX  Trio (12): $7.99
14. Golden 15. Rust 16. Walnut Bronze

NYX LipGloss (122): $4.99
17. Natural

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil (710): $3.99
18. Cocoa

Hope you enjoyed my DS haul...I'm telling you that the vibrancy of these shades will amaze you, especially for the cost. bE goOd!!
til next time

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sooo happy that my package arrived for the Essie Spring Collection polishes them earlier today. Again a thank you goes to Karen of !  Here are some of the pix I took tonight. I will nail swatch when I get a chance.

The Collection: 6 wonderful colors! Check out the cute lil box... And the sweet note with the cool stationary that was sent along with the gift!

L-R Colors:
676- Eternal Optimist
677- Flawless
681- Status Symbol

L-R Colors:
680- One Of A Kind
678- Lacquered Up
679- Mesmerize

Yay, even though I am tryin to learn to live in the moment, I can't but help to wish it were Spring already!!! Well at least I'll be ready!

Til next time
Be good!