Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FOTD: Feelin Girly

Happy New Years!!!! Hope everyone had a great nite on the 31st! Time for new beginnings, and change! With that being said I decided to try pink eyes...I used the coastal scents palette that I posted in the last look. There's 36 shades so I figured I'd start experimenting and havin a little fun.. with this look I used 4 shades.

Okay Luxeys... so i used shades 23,24,30,and 35. Prime the lids as always!

*LID/OUTER LID- 35 (matte)
*INNER CORNER- 24 (shimmer)
*CREASE- 30 (matte)
*HIGHLIGHT- 23 (shimmer)

Use liquid liner on top lid, instead of using on the whole upper lid I used from the middle lid to the outer and flicked up and out for a drastic wing.
Bottom liner is a regular black kohl pencil. Add falsies if you're goin out, but with this look I just used mascara.

Hope u like! Enjoy!

Ps...I must say this looks waaay better in person so if you have this palette and try this look dont be alarmed by how vibrant it comes out, these pix make it look soft but its got more POW! Trust me! And remember you can always layer it on or wet your brush for an even more revved up color!

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