Thursday, January 6, 2011

FOTD: Daytime Metallic

Today I was goin  out just to get these acrylics off! Don't get me wrong I love nails, but def needed to give them a rest. So I decided to do a metallic eye but wearable for daytime. I enjoy wearing eyeshadow and liner but sometimes I can get a little carried away so I toned it down. Let me know what you think!! I used the coastal palette and will be doin many looks from it in the future. I used 5 shades. May sound like a lot but if you think about it, usually if you do lid, crease and highlight, theirs 3 right there!

*LID- 31 (shimmer)
*OUTER V- 32 (matte)
*INNER CORNER- 20 (shimmer)
*CREASE- 28 (shimmer)
*HIGHLIGHT- 7 (matte)

Black liquid liner (Prestige) on top lid from inner corner to outer. Dark blue kohl liner along waterline and smudged w/ black kohl liner to finish used black masacra(Voluminous Million Lashes).

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