Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 Spa Weekends

  • Good Morning!!! It's been some months since I've posted but I have been sooo busy with working and tryning to stay sane and that takes up pretty much all my time lol! With that being said I managed to squeeze in some much deserved spa time!! My best friend and I booked a double room so we could catch up on things but were very quickly put to a reality check when we started the services...she received a seaweed facial and I opted for a back treatment which included a glycoloic peel, great for exfoliation, achieving even tone, and superb product penetration. My bestie's facial was great for hydration and kick starting a new skin care  regimen. We visited Utopia Salon Spa in Vineland, NJ. The salon and spa features haircare, skin, and massage services! When you enter it feels like home with a victorian decor. Although I was caught up on the cel phone I did manage to see that there is a varied selection of haircare, and skincare products available to maintain your needs between apointments. I purchased the Murad Clarifying Body Spray, retailed at $37.50/4.3 fl. oz. I love it and use it twice a day. The nozzles sprays 360 degrees so even for hard to reach areas that you may have to flip the bottle for it still sprays fluidly!

My treatment consisted of a cleansing, exfoliation/ glycolic peel, extractions, and moisturizing. My esthetician was wonderful!!! She made sure I was comfortable and let me know each step she was about to take. With that being said I felt like a new woman afterward. The treatments were so good we stayed quiet the whole time! Since it was Valentines' weekend (that saturday we went) downstairs in the quiet area (where you sit until your service provider is ready for you) they had heart shaped cookies! How sweet! And after our treatment our estheticians gave us 2 glasses of champagne with strawberries! It was truely a day of relaxation and fabulousness!

The next weekend me and a "special friend" went to Fantagio Spa & Body located in Haddonfield, NJ. This spa is wonnnnnnderful!!! It's an hour away from home but was so worth the trip! I went to the website and was like YEEEESSSS! I'm booking this! Although at the time the website was not as updated as I would've liked but other than that it was perfect! The spa is upscale with marble and coral accents, absolutely beautiful! We received a couples massage that was pure heaven! I can't stop sayin enough nice things because it was just that good! Very skillful therapists that relieved every worry in th world. Hot oil, warm towels, and medium and soft strokes....I mean I seriously did NOT want to leave!!! I went and took care of the bill, and was pleasantly surprised that there was a special and let me tell you I feel like I robbed them! The staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and warm...I'm a fan. It's also tucked away in a nook of space that if you're not really looking for it you could miss it, which makes it feel exclusive!

Here are the links...check these places out if you're in need! You will not be disappointed by either one! Have a wonderful day and let no one steal your sunshine!


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